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Abundance Keychain

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Ideal for money ventures & advancing in career.

Green Aventurine - Health + Wealth + Goodluck
Serpentine - Transformation + Manifestation + Healing
Golden Tiger’s Eye - Luck + Personal Power + Courage 


Green Aventurine - Known as the “gambler's stone” used to attract luck, wealth, and spirit of adventure. Helps to releases old patterns, habits, & disappointments to make room for growth. Calms energy to bring balance during time of change. Urges one to take on new opportunities and take action towards goals.

Serpentine - Helps during times of personal transformation by releasing the fear of change. Provides a protective barrier that deflects lower vibrations and malicious energy while attracting higher vibrations. It clears chakra blockages especially mental and emotionsal imbalances. This can help improve communication  in relationships, career, and finances. It also aids in meditation, opens up the crown chakra and helps/ encourages you to take control of your life.

Tiger's Eye - Brings good luck, prosperity and promotes clarity. Used to protect and ground one's energy. Helps to keep the mind focused through difficult times & situations. Encourages personal power and making the best decisions for oneself.


-Made with three 10mm beads

-18 gauge Tarnich resistant wire

-1 jump ring & 1 lobster clasp

Copper Benefits

Copper in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings. can allow a minimal mount of minerals into the body without overwhelming it.

Copper can....

- help promote proper brain function and relieve headaches

- produces melanin

- aid in iron absorption & blood circulation throughout the body

- reduce joint pain & arthritis, it is a natural anti-inflammatory


Tarnish Resistant Copper

It has a durability life of up to 1-2 years. Copper wire, plated with silver or gold and then sealed with a protective coat.

Plated & Overlay

Has a durability life of up to one year. Plated & overlay items are made with 1-2% gold/silver. The base of material is Brass (copper and zinc).

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