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Mahika Made

Evil Eye Minis

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This listing is for one pair of earrings only. Please allow for slight variations as these are handmade, each pair is unique.

Hoop: about 1.5 inch diameter hoop, 18g tarnish resistant plated copper wire

Decoration: flat glass evil eye beads, one 10mm hanging in center of hoop and one 6mm at the bottom of the hoop  

Earring Hooks: gold-finished iron (gold) or silver-finished iron (silver) 

Hardware Color

Size Guide

Mini- 1.5 inch diameter

Small- 2.25 inch diameter

Large- 3 inch diameter 

*please allow for slight variations as these are handmade wire hoops


-nickel free plated earring hooks

-tarnish resistant plated copper wire

Copper Benefits

Copper in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings. can allow a minimal mount of minerals into the body without overwhelming it.

Copper can....

- help promote proper brain function and relieve headaches

- produces melanin

- aid in iron absorption & blood circulation throughout the body

- reduce joint pain & arthritis, it is a natural anti-inflammatory


Tarnish Resistant Copper

It has a durability life of up to 1-2 years. Copper wire, plated with silver or gold and then sealed with a protective coat.

Plated & Overlay

Has a durability life of up to one year. Plated & overlay items are made with 1-2% gold/silver. The base of material is Brass (copper and zinc).

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