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Mahika Made

Protection Charm - Gold

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  • a decor protection charm
  • has a stretch band & can be hung on a car mirror, door knob, hook, or pinned up
  • crystals are wrapped with 20 gauge tarnish resistant wire

Crystal Description

Green Aventurine - Known as the “gambler's stone” used to attract luck, wealth, and spirit of adventure. Helps to releases old patterns, habits, & disappointments to make room for growth. Calms energy to bring balance during time of change. Urges one to take on new opportunities and take action towards goals.

Black Tourmaline - A highly protective stone that absorbs negative energy & deflects it back to its origin. Helps to purify/ ground one's energy. Also shields against electromagnetic radiation from computers, TVs & cellular devices etc. It's best advised to cleanse regularly.


Tarnish Resistant Copper

It has a durability life of up to 1-2 years. Copper wire, plated with silver or gold and then sealed with a protective coat.

Plated & Overlay

Has a durability life of up to one year. Plated & overlay items are made with 1-2% gold/silver. The base of material is Brass (copper and zinc).


has a durability life of over 1 year. Our gold filled products are made with 3% (1/30) gold content using 18kt.The combination of the gold content, base metal, and protective coating technology are what make the items last for a longer period of time...

Sterling Silver

Made up of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of other metals that form an alloy. It has an average durability of 20-30 years.

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