About Us

My name is Dezir'e Smith, I am the creator of Mahika Made formerly known as CaliVamp.

My Story

At the age of 6 I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer and learned how to make jewelry. Once I got comfortable, I started making jewelry along with other types of art for myself & others as a hobby & act of love.

In 2011, I saw pair earrings in a music video and wanted a pair for myself. I couldn’t find any at an affordable price so like my mom would say “Just make it.”  So I did. When I wore them to school my best friend Marinelle asked for a pair and offered to pay me. From then I began selling jewelry and other crafts to my family and peers.  

Later in 2013, I created the name CaliVamp & began my jewelry business while in cosmetology. CV at the time was a representation of myself and creative expression. “Cali” is where i am from and Vamp is short for vampire which represents me and how my creative energy usually flows during the night.

Overtime my love for the business grew and in 2020 I decided to go full time. Which later inspired our rebrand to Mahika Made in 2022.

The word Mahika derives from the Tagalog language, which translates to the word “magic”. It was suggested by my mother and resonates very well with me as I am part Filipina. In combination with “made”, it’s a representation of my passion and artistic values. Which is to put a piece of magic into everything I make for myself and others.

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